Member travel grants

In recent years we have offered members travel awards to allow them to attend the larger, international ornithological meetings in order to present their research.

The combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and the renewed drive for all of us, individuals and organisations alike, to reduce our impact on the planet, has led many to reevaluate their travel needs, in particular attendance at the larger, international congresses which necessitate long-distance air travel.

We suspended our member travel awards at the beginning of the pandemic and we will now undertake an open review as to how we deliver these awards if/when we reinstate them.

We’d like to hear from members about how you want us to provide these awards. Which events do you want to attend? What low carbon travel should we fund? And how can we encourage and support members to forge new collaborations in a low-carbon world?

Once we have collated your views, a cross-committee group comprising members from our Awards Nominations, Engagement and Meetings committees will make their recommendations to Council.

Email us your views on this to with ‘BOU member travel awards’ in the subject line. Thank you.

The events we previously supported are:

Australasian Ornithological Congress (AOC)
European Ornithologists’ Union Conference (EOU)
International Ornithological Congress (IOC)
North American Ornithological Congress (NAOC)
Ornithological Congress of the Americas (OCA)
Pan-African Ornithological Congress (PAOC)

Note: we did not offer awards to attend BOU conferences.

Previous award recipients listed here.