Steve Dudley

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I’ve worked in and around ornithology, and in particular science communication, since 1985. I started life as an RSPB reserves engagement officer before moving to the BTO (membership development officer) and then, in 1997, appointed as the BOU’s
senior staff member.


My role is very varied and I’m involved at some level with the delivery of everything the BOU does. My main work areas are:

  • Day to day management and running of the BOU
  • Delivering BOU conferences and events
  • Running the business side of the BOU’s journal, IBIS
  • Running the BOU’s social media and communications
  • BOU website development and content management
  • Servicing BOU Council and its five Standing Committees

Selected publications

Twitter conferences as a low-carbon, far-reaching and inclusive way of communicating research in ornithology and ecology
Anthony Caravaggi, Agnes B. Olin, Kirsty A. Franklin, Steve P. Dudley
2021. IBIS. DOI: 10.1111/ibi.12959 View

Tweeting birds: online mentions predict future citations in ornithology
Tom Finch, Nina O’Hanlon & Steve Dudley.
2017. Royal Society Open Science DOI: 10.1098/rsos.171371 View

How social are ornithologists?
Steve Dudley & Jen Smart.
2016. Ibis 158: 894-898. DOI: 10.1111/ibi.12403 View

The Eagle Owl in Britain
Tim Melling, Steve Dudley & Paul Doherty.
2008. British Birds 101: 478-490 View

Changes to Category C of The British List
Steve P. Dudley.
2005. Ibis 147: 803-820 View

A birdwatching guide to Lesvos. 2010. Steve Dudley. Arlequin Press, Shrewsbury, UK View

Watching British Dragonflies. 2007. Steve Dudley, Caroline Dudley & Andrew Mackay. Subbuteo, Shrewsbury, UK View

Rare Birds Day by Day. 1997. Steve Dudley, Tim Benton, Paul Fraser & John Ryan. T & AD Poyser, London, UK View

Poster presentations

#TheTweetingBird: its rise relevance and impact in #ornithology
Steve Dudley, Tom Finch & Nina O’Hanlon.
2018. Presented at IOCongress2018 (Vancouver, Canada) View

Blogging to promote your ornithology
Elwyn Sharps & Steve Dudley.
2018. Presented at IOCongress2018 (Vancouver, Canada) View

Altmetrics: what are they good for?
Steve Dudley, Tom Finch & Nina O’Hanlon.
2017. Presented at AOSSCO2017 (East Lansing, Michigan, US) View

The use of social media in ornithology
Enrico Caprio & Steve Dudley.
2017. Presented at CIO2017 poster (Turin, Italy) View

How social are ornithologists?
Steve Dudley & Jen Smart.
2016. Presented at NAOC2016 (Washington D.C., US) View