Career development bursaries

Closing date for applications (for 2024 awards): 31 October 2023

The BOU Career Development Bursaries aim to support short-term research positions for young or early-career ornithologists, between a first and higher degree programme or immediately after completion of a higher degree. Successful proposals combine the development of skills useful for a future career in ornithology with a sound scientific research proposal.

Up to £2500 will be provided to cover a period of career development lasting 6-10 weeks, during which a scientific research project will be conducted.

The BOU bursary scheme is open to BOU ECR members only. An exception is made for those from and still residing and working in a low- or middle-income country (see list), who can apply without being a member.

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“The bursary provided me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with leading scientists at the University of Neuchatel. The bursary amount was ample, and I was able to meet all my basic expenses in Switzerland during the course of my internship. The BOU team with whom I interacted were highly supportive throughout the process, and I remain grateful to them. I have now returned to Neuchatel to pursue my doctoral studies in the same research group, where I will be studying the use of conservation technologies (including LiDAR) to understand the effectiveness of restoration efforts (in terms of biodiversity recovery).” Akshay Bharadwaj, India (2023 Career Development Bursary holder)

Read reports from previous Career Development Bursary holders here:
2022: Anap Isphaku Afan, Nigeria
2019: Sarah Saldanha, Canada
2018: Ferran Sayol, Spain
2017: Natalia Garcia, Argentina

Closing date for applications (for 2024 awards): 31 October 2023

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