Christopher McInerny


School of Life Sciences, University of Glasgow,
Scotland, UK

Involved with the BOU as:
Secretary, BOU Record Committee Secretary

BOU member since: 2011

Most likely to be found . . .
. . . walking the shores of Loch Lomond.

Why are you a member of the BOU?
I believe that BOU provides an extremely important contribution to the study of birds both in the UK, and throughout the world, in all of its activities.

What is your role on the BOU Council or committee on which you sit?
I am Secretary to the BOU Records Committee (BOURC). It is the committees’ remit to consider records of new birds seen in Britain and to maintain The British List. This List is used widely by many individuals and organisations.

What do you enjoy most about your involvement with the BOU?
I very much enjoy meeting other people with a common interest in birds and natural history. Working for the BOURC I find not only do I learn much, but also enjoying contributing and giving something back.

What would you say to anyone who is considering joining (or leaving!) the BOU?
Stay on board!

When did your interest in ornithology begin?
I have always been interested in natural history, first as a small child with frogs, grasshoppers and rock pools. This moved as I got older into birds, mammals, butterflies, insects and plants. I guess I never ‘grew up’ out of it! Thank goodness.

What do you consider is your most significant ornithological contribution to date?
I was an author and lead editor of The Birds of Scotland, a book published by the Scottish Ornithologist’s Club, back in 2007 ( This book is widely used and had a very positive effect on people’s understanding, appreciation and conservation of Scotland’s birds.

What is your most memorable bird-y experience?
I’ve been lucky to have enjoyed birds and wildlife, both in the UK and abroad, all of my life, with many memorable experiences. Every next experience is the best!

What is your favourite outdoor place and why?
The shores of Loch Lomond, 30 minutes from where I live. A most beautiful place.