BOU Council

The BOU is managed by a Council of Trustees. Members are elected by the society membership at the Annual General Meeting. Trustees normally serve as Council members for a period of four years.

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President Dr Graeme Buchanan, RSPB (elected 2023)
Vice President Prof Emma Cunningham, University of Edinburgh (elected 2023)
Vice President Dr Richard Bradbury, RSPB (elected 2021)
Honorary Secretary Dr Mark Eaton, Rare Breeding Birds Panel (elected 2022)
Honorary Treasurer Mr Graham F. Appleton (re-elected 2021)

Ordinary Members of Council

Dr Tom Bradfer-Lawrence, RSPB (Chair, Grants Committee; elected 2024)
Dr Mark Eddowes (elected 2022)
Dr Tom Finch, RSPB (Chair, Engagement Committee; elected 2021)
Dr Catharine Horswill, University College London & Institute of Zoology (elected 2022)
Dr Rosemarie Kentie, University of Amsterdam & NIOZ Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (Chair, IBIS Management Committee; elected 2021)
Dr Alexander Lees, Manchester Metropolitan University (Chair, Records Committee; elected 2023)
Ms Ros Green, University of Liverpool & BTO (Early Career Researcher representative; elected 2024)
Dr Catriona Morrison, University of East Anglia (Chair, Meetings Committee; elected 2023)
Dr Stuart Sharp, Lancaster University (elected 2023)
Dr Leila Walker, BOU Chief Operations Officer
Dr Lucy Wright, RSPB (Chair, Awards Nominations Committee; elected 2021)

Elected members of Council are Trustees of the BOU.

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