Graham Martin
Graham Martin_resizeEmeritus Professor, Avian Sensory Science
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, UK

Involved with the BOU as:
Previous Council member and Vice-President

BOU member since: 1977

Why are you a member of the BOU?
It is the key organisation for Ornithologists in the UK.

What would you say to anyone who is considering joining (or leaving!) the BOU?
Join and don’t leave

If you’ve attended a BOU conference, what did you get out of it?
I have attended many BOU conferences; they are always interesting, always a good place to meet people, always a good place to get new ideas.

When did your interest in ornithology begin?

What is your most memorable bird-y experience?
Sitting on the edge of the Big-Mac colony of Macaroni Penguins on Bird Island , South Georgia

What is your favourite outdoor place and why?
My local patch, because I know it in detail and I am still picking up new sightings and information.

What would you say to anyone considering research in ornithology?
Give it a go, it will always be interesting.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, that you haven’t yet been to, where would it be and why?
Kamchatka, to experience all aspects of its geology and wildlife

What are the big conservation challenges in the next decade?
Stopping the declines of terrestrial birds throughout Europe

Has your career in ornithology turned out how you expected it to?
I never had any idea what to expect, it has just been one opportunity after another, but it has been rewarding and good fun

What are your interests outside the world of ornithology?
Wildlife Conservation in lowland England

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