Francis Daunt

Francis Daunt

Research Scientist
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) Edinburgh, UK

Involved with the BOU as:
Member of Meetings Committee

BOU member since: 1997

Most likely to be found . . .
. . . on rocky islands working with seabirds (when I’m not in the office – boo hiss).

Why are you a member of the BOU?
Ever since I joined, I have looked forward to IBIS arriving through the letter box – there are always lots of interesting papers to read. More recently, I have started attending the excellent BOU conferences – the tracking conference was my third in the last three years. I am also happy to support the important work of the Union.

What is your role on the BOU Council or committee on which you sit?
I am an Ordinary Member of the Meetings Committee. I support Steve Dudley and the Chair in selecting themes for future conferences.

What do you enjoy most about your involvement with the BOU?
I appreciate being part of a thriving community of people who share an interest in research on birds. I particularly enjoy meeting new people at BOU conferences and committee meetings.

What would you say to anyone who is considering joining (or leaving!) the BOU?
Please support a hugely important ornithological organisation.