Andrew Hoodless
Andy HoodlessHead of Wetland Research
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
Hampshire, UK

Most likely to be found…
…In a muddy field in the dark, ringing and tagging Woodcock.

Involved with the BOU as:
Ordinary member

BOU member since: 1992

Why are you a member of the BOU?
To keep up to date with current trends in ornithological research, network with others outside my organization and support programmes to encourage young ornithologists.

What do you enjoy most about your involvement with the BOU?
BOU conferences are great for networking, keeping up with current research in my field and broadening my overall ornithological knowledge.

What would you say to anyone who is considering joining (or leaving!) the BOU?
It’s a great way of engaging with other researchers and worth it for Ibis alone! I can’t believe anyone ever leaves, do they?

When did your interest in ornithology begin?
I became interested in wildlife generally from the age of eight or nine: we did a lot of country walks and my parents inspired me to take an interest in what we saw. I became hooked on birds in my teens after seeing Dipper, Redstart and Red Kite in mid-Wales (at a time when Kites were confined to Wales!).

What is your most memorable bird-y experience?
Finally seeing Resplendent Quetzal at Monteverde, Costa Rica after a long search.

What is your favourite outdoor place and why?
Teesdale, County Durham in spring – the density of breeding waders and diversity of upland flora, coupled with good walking and stunning views, make it a special place.

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