Auriel M.V. Fournier

Auriel Fournier photo

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mississippi State University
Biloxi, MS, USA

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Involved with the BOU as:
IBIS associate editor

BOU member since: 2017

Most likely to be found . . .
. . . writing R Code or gardening.

What does being an IBIS associate editor involve?
It means being more involved in the peer review process, evaluating papers, finding reviewers, evaluating reviews and helping papers to take their best form so they represent their work and IBIS well.

What do you enjoy most about being an IBIS associate editor?
I am given another chance to read more broadly outside of my little niche and learn new things with each new paper.

What would you say to anyone who is considering submitting a paper to IBIS?
My best advice for anyone writing for any purpose is to read your paper out loud to yourself, you will catch sentences that still need attention and also realize any words you overuse. It’s also important when submitting a paper to IBIS to remember to place your study within the bigger picture of ornithology/science.

What is your most memorable bird-y experience?
A road trip birding with one of my best friends starting in south Texas and moving west over 10 days to SE Arizona. Had over 100 life birds and saw so many new places and habitats.

Why birds?
Birds connect people, across cultures, political boundaries, ages, genders, economic lines. They move and live without regard for the boxes we try to put them in and they can be a powerful tool for helping connect any person with their environment.

What are your interests outside the world of ornithology?
Programming, Gardening, Anything involving my two dogs, Backpacking, Board Games.

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