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ibis-cover-300x250IBIS continuously publishes research articles online as:

  • Accepted articles (peer-reviewed awaiting final edit and layout, DOI assigned);
  • Early view articles (first sight of fully edited publication); and
  • Within issue articles (article assigned to an issue with page numbers).


Accepted articles

Post-fledging survival of Little Owls Athene noctua in relation to nestling food supply
Marco Perrig, Martin U. Grüebler, Herbert Keil and Beat Naef-Daenzer

eNews Golden PloverHabitat selection, diet and food availability of European Golden Plover Pluvialis apricariachicks in Swedish Lapland
Paula Machín, Juan Fernández-Elipe, Heiner Flinks, Maite Laso, José I. Aguirre and Raymond H. G. Klaassen

Female turnover rate differs between two Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentilisnesting areas, as revealed by DNA analysis of moulted feathers
Vidar Selås, Oddmund Kleven and Odd Frydenlund Steen

eNews KaguElevated concentrations of naturally occurring heavy metals inversely correlate with reproductive output and body mass of the Kagu Rhynochetos jubatus
Jörn Theuerkauf, Tokushi Haneda, Yuji Okahisa, Nozomu J. Sato, Sophie Rouys, Henri Bloc, Keisuke Ueda, Izumi Watanabe, Ralph Kuehn and Roman Gula

Characterization of plasma cholinesterase activity in the Eurasian Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus and its in vitro inhibition by carbamate pesticides
Ana-Lourdes Oropesa, Susana Sánchez and Francisco Soler


Early view articles

eNews Sao Tome GrosbeakThe endangered São Tomé Grosbeak Neospiza concolor is the world’s largest canary
Martim Melo, Martin Stervander, Bengt Hansson and Peter J. Jones

Occupancy dynamics of the Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix assessed with habitat and remote sensing data
Nica Huber, Marc Kéry and Gilberto Pasinelli

eNews RadarComparison of visual bird migration counts with radar estimates
Matthias Schmidt, Janine Aschwanden, Felix Liechti, Gábor Wichmann and Erwin Nemeth

The phylogeny of the world’s bulbuls (Pycnonotidae) inferred using a supermatrix approach
Subir B. Shaka and Frederick H. Sheldon

Migratory pathways, stopover zones and wintering destinations of Western European Nightjars Caprimulgus europaeus
Ruben Evens, Greg J. Conway, Ian G. Henderson, Brian Creswell, Frédéric Jiguet, Caroline Moussy, Didier Sénécal, Nele Witters, Natalie Beenaerts and Tom Artois

eNews BuzzardNumerical and functional responses of Common Buzzards Buteo buteo to prey abundance on a Scottish grouse moor
Richard M. Francksen, Mark J. Whittingham, Sonja C. Ludwig, Staffan Roos and David Baines

Nocturnal migrants do not incur higher collision risk at wind turbines than diurnally active species
Jorg Welcker, Monique Liesenjohann,
Jan Blew, Georg Mehls and Thomas Grünkorn


Detection of earthworm prey by Ruff Philomachus pugnax
Jeroen Onrust, A.H. Jelle Boonstra, Lucie E. Schmaltz, Yvonne I. Verkuil, Jos C.E.W. Hooijmeijer and Theunis Piersma

Image credits (from top)
Golden Plover | Brian Bratwicke | CC-BY-2.0 | Wikimedia Commons
Kagu | Pierre Fidenci | CC-BY-SA-2.5  | Wikimedia Commons
São Tomé Grosbeak | © August Thomasson | Martin Stervanger blog
Radar | L Chang | CC-BY-SA-2.5 | Wikimedia Commons
Common Buzzard | Mark Medcalf | CC-BY-2.0  | Wikimedia Commons

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