Science Communication Awards (SM)

Social Media nominations

This award recognises an individual science communicator’s excellence using either Twitter and/or Facebook.

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Deadline 31 January 2021

Anyone is free to nominate another person for this award. We are not accepting self-nominations.

We are seeking nominations for those fitting the following criteria:

  • The scicomm being nominated must have been undertaken within 2020.
  • The award is for the original communication of the science of ornithology.
  • Those who use Twitter and/or Facebook as platforms to promote their own, or others’, ornithological research.
    • Groups of people running a single account (e.g. a university department or research group), or accounts from any business, organisation or society, cannot be nominated.
    • Accounts with rotating hosts curating content (usually over a day or week) cannot be nominated, but an individual’s curated day/week can be nominated (i.e. the person curating a week on @biotweeps can be nominated, but @biotweeps as the host cannot).
  • Those nominated can be from anywhere in the world and we actively encourage nominations of scicommers from under-represented groups or nations within ornithology.
  • Nominated tweets/posts must be in English.
  • The nominee’s Twitter and/or Facebook account should have commenced at least six months before a nomination is made.
  • The nominee can be:
    • a professional science communicator (where their role or part of their role is to undertake science communication as part of their paid employment);
    • a researcher that uses Twitter and/or Facebook to communicate/promote their own work/research; or
    • anyone using Twitter and/or Facebook to communicate/ promote others’ ornithology work/research.
  • Any tweet/post can be considered, e.g. an outstanding single tweet/post, a Twitter thread or concerted campaign of tweets/posts on a single topic.
  • The nominator will need to provide three examples of ‘excellent scicomm’ to support the nomination and explain why you think the nominee’s work is an excellent example of communicating ornithological research.
    • Emphasis should be made on the excellence of the nominee’s execution of communicating science and the impact of the social engagement rather than just the level of outreach.
    • Execution –  in your nomination you will need to detail why you think the nominee excels in the execution (you can provide examples to highlight creativity, innovation, etc. of the communications)
    • Impact – in your nomination you will need to detail why you think the nominee’s science communication has achieved/had impact (e.g. level of engagement can be measured by the altmetric score of a paper linked to from the tweet(s)/post(s), but you can go beyond metrics and discuss examples of how a communication was successful in reaching a target audience or has led to change).

    BOU staff, the BOU Blog Editor, BOU Support Officers, BOU Trustees or BOU Scicomm Awards Panel members cannot be nominated. Any nominations received for these individuals will not be considered by the Judging Panel.

    Our awards Judging Panel will shortlist 5 nominees to be put to a public vote and the public score will be combined with that of the votes of the Judging Panel to select the winner.

    Submit your nomination(s) here | Deadline 31 January 2021

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