Alex Lees joins BOURC

10 August 2017

The BOU is delighted that Alex Lees has joined it’s Records Committee (BOURC).

Alex is an ecology lecturer and lifelong birder based at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is an author of over 80 scientific papers on avian ecology, evolution and conservation as well as many other articles for the birding press.

Before moving back to the UK in 2016, he spent a year at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA and five years at the Goeldi Museum in Brazil. Alex serves on the Brazilian Ornithological Records Committee, is a steering group member of the Sustainable Amazon Network, a subject editor for the journal Biotropica and a committee member of the Neotropical Bird Club.

Alex is also very interested in understanding the patterns, causes and consequences of avian vagrancy and the nature of human-wildlife conflicts and enjoys the challenge provided by trying to gather data on both in the Peak District at the moment.

The BOU’s Records Committee (BOURC) is responsible for maintaining the British List – the official list of wild birds recorded in Great Britain. For more information on the List and the work of BOURC see here.

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