IBIS – Best ECR paper of 2020

In 2020, IBIS published 48 papers whose first author or corresponding author was an early career researcher (ECR). Thats around 45% of all our scientific content published last year.

The IBIS Associate Editors nominated their favourite ECR papers of 2020, and the top four papers were put to an open public vote!

And the winner of the IBIS Best ECR paper of 2020 is . . .

Dominic Y. J. Ng (Singapore)

Dominic Y. J. Ng, Tereza Švejcarová, Keren R. Sadanandan, Teuku Reza Ferasyi, Jessica G.H. Lee, Dewi M. Prawiradilaga, Tomáš Ouhel, Elize Y.X. Ng, Frank E. Rheindt
Genomic and morphological data help uncover extinction‐in‐progress of an unsustainably traded hill myna radiation

Our congratulations to our other short-listed nominees:


Females compensate for moult‐associated male nest desertion in Hooded Warblers
William D. Harrod, Ronald L. Mumme


The potential utility of carotenoid‐based coloration as a biomonitor of environmental change
Chloe Peneaux, Philip M. Hansbro, Andrea S. Griffin


Applications of digital imaging and analysis in seabird monitoring and research
Alice J. Edney, Matt J. Wood


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Image credits
Hill Myna | Evanahmed CC BY SA 4.0 Wikimedia Commons
Hooded Warbler | Dawn Scranton CC BY 2.0 Flickr
Standardised image capture | from paper © the authors
Deploying a UAV | from paper © Matt Wood