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We want your review papers! Review papers are typically well cited and downloaded and IBIS continues to warmly welcome your submissions.

Reviews should be critical and forward-looking syntheses of an existing body of primary ornithological research which aim to address one or more clearly defined questions, add insight, and shed light on future research directions.

Traditional narrative reviews, scoping reviews and systematic reviews are all welcomed and meta-analysis may be included.

We especially encourage PhD students and their supervisors to consider whether the introductory chapter of their thesis might be the basis for a review for IBIS.

Take a look at our most recent review articles, to discover the range of topics covered:

Functions of avian elongated tails, with suggestions for future studies
Wenyi Zhou (周文仪), Rebecca T. Kimball, Yang Liu (刘阳), Scott K. Robinson

A global review identifies agriculture as the main threat to declining grassland birds
David J. T. Douglas, Jessica Waldinger, Zoya Buckmire, Kathryn Gibb, Juan P. Medina, Lee Sutcliffe, Christa Beckmann, Nigel J. Collar, Raymond Jansen, Johannes Kamp, Ian Little, Rob Sheldon, Alberto Yanosky, Nicola Koper

Causes of vagrancy of North Asian passerines in western Europe
László Bozó, Tibor Csörgő

The importance of wetland habitat area for waterbird species-richness
Carol Cerda-Peña, Jaime R. Rau

The conservation of Afro-Palaearctic migrants: What we are learning and what we need to know?
Juliet A. Vickery, John W. Mallord, William M. Adams, Alison E. Beresford, Christiaan Both, Will Cresswell, Ngoné Diop, Steven R. Ewing, Richard D. Gregory, Catriona A. Morrison, Fiona J. Sanderson, Kasper Thorup, Rien E. Van Wijk, Chris M. Hewson

Challenges for incorporating long-term baselines into biodiversity restoration: A case study of the Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus) in Britain
Jennifer J. Crees, Victoria A. Oxley, Danielle C. Schreve, Samuel T. Turvey

Neotropical bromeliads as food sources for birds: a systematic review and perspectives on the management of ecological interactions
Joedison Rocha

The adaptive function of construction of multiple non-breeding nests in birds
Elise Isabella Macqueen, Graeme Douglas Ruxton

Thermal effects of plumage coloration
Svana Rogalla, Matthew D. Shawkey, Liliana D’Alba

Drivers of change in mountain and upland bird populations in Europe
Riccardo Alba, Tim Kasoar, Dan Chamberlain, Graeme Buchanan, Des Thompson, James W. Pearce-Higgins

Reviews may be submitted unsolicited, but we encourage prospective authors to contact the Reviews Editor, Jeremy Wilson, to discuss the proposed topic and approach to ensure that it is likely to be suitable for consideration by IBIS.

Image credit:
Top: Examples of elongated tails © Zhou et al (from Zhou et al review paper above)