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Global flyways: a synthesis of bird migration research

21 – 22 November 2023
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Attend as part of a hub
For BOUsci23, we are trialling discounted ‘hub’ attendance.

Individuals can register to attend as part of a hub; that is, two or more people watching the online conference together at the same location. Each individual viewing the conference as part of a hub will need to register using the ‘hub individual’ option, either as a BOU member or a non-member. Hubs can comprise a mixture of members and non-members (although prices, as always, are reduced for members).

This option is intended to facilitate watching an online conference together with friends and colleagues in the same physical location, giving attendees the opportunity to create their own conference atmosphere, whilst still having the ability to interact individually (e.g. on Slack, Zoom Q&As).

Each individual will receive a personal link to attend the Zoom conference and will be able to participate on Slack and Zoom Q&As as an individual (via their own machine).

Each hub will be responsible for organising their own hub set-up, including the hub location, the viewing facilities and coordinating which individuals are part of their hub. You do not need to notify us who is attending your hub, but anyone attending a hub MUST register, and anyone registering as a hub participant MUST attend as part of a hub.

Of course, if you are unable or do not wish to view the conference as part of a hub, we still have the standard, non-hub individual attendance option.

We are trialling hubs at BOUsci23; if you have any feedback about your experience of hubs at BOUsci23, including how we might improve this for future conferences, please get in touch.

Hub locations
We have been notified of the following hub locations. Should you be interested in joining one of these hubs, please email the relevant primary contact.

  • The University of Exeter, Tremough Campus (Falmouth, UK) | Contact Aimee Mcintosh
  • Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Kvetna 8, Brno, Czech Republic | 21 November 2023, 09:00 – 17:00 UTC (aligned with the Africa-Eurasia flyway session) | Contact Petr Procházka
  • RSPB UK Headquarters, The Lodge, Sandy SG19 2DL | Contact Susana Requena-Moreno
  • Department of Biosciences, Durham University, UK | Contact Christine Howard
  • Swiss Ornithological Institute / Schweizerische Vogelwarte, Seerose 1, 6204 Sempach, Switzerland | Contact Steffen Oppel
  • Lunds-Universitet Ekologihuset, Sölvegatan 37, 22362, Lund, Sweden | Contact Liam Langley

If you are organising a hub and would like the details to appear here, to attract attendees to your hub, please get in touch with us.

Scientific Programme Committee

Africa-Eurasia Flyway
Dr Wouter M.G. Vansteelant | Co-chair | University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Dr José A. Alves | Co-chair | University of Iceland, University of Aveiro, Portugal & BOU Meetings Committee
Vojtech Brlik | Charles University, Czech Republic
Dr Maria A. Dias | University of Lisbon, Portugal
Steve Dudley | Consultant, Scotland
Dr Catriona Morrison | University of East Anglia, UK & BOU Meetings Committee
Dr Elham Nourani | Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, Germany

Americas Flyway
Dr Elly Knight | Co-chair | University of Alberta, Canada
Dr Camila Gómez | Co-chair | SELVA, Colombia
Fengyi Guo | Princeton University, United States
Dr Bryant Dossman | Georgetown University, United States

Asia-Pacific Flyway
Dr Yachang Cheng | Co-chair | Sun Yat-sen University, People’s Republic of China
Sayam Chowdhury | Co-chair | University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Yong Ding Li | BirdLife International, Singapore
Dr Judit Szabo | Charles Darwin University, Australia
Dr R. Suresh Kumar | Wildlife Institute of India, India
Batmunkh Davaasuren | Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia, Mongolia

Image credit (top right): Black-tailed Godwit | Frank Vassen CC BY 2.0 Wikimedia Commons