IBIS Management Committee

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The IBIS Management Committee acts as an advisory group to help determine the direction of the journal, and to provide support and advice in the management of the journal.

Dr Rosemarie Kentie (University of Amsterdam & NIOZ Netherlands Institute for Sea Research)

Graham Appleton (BOU Honorary Treasurer)
Dr Beatriz Arroyo Lopez (Instituto de Investigacion en Recursos Cinegeticos (IREC) (CSIC-UCLM-JCCM), Spain)
Prof Raurie Bowie (Editor; University of California, Berkeley, US)
Dr Richard Broughton (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology UK)
Dr Simon Butler (University of East Anglia)
Prof Richard Fuller (Editor; University of Queensland)
Prof Jenny Gill (Editor in Chief; University of East Anglia)
Prof Rebecca Kimball (Editor; University of Florida & Florida Museum of Natural History, US)
Angela Langford (BOU Journal Manager)
Dr Ruedi Nager (Editor; University of Glasgow)
Dr Leila Walker (BOU Chief Operations Officer)
Prof Jeremy Wilson (Reviews Editor; RSPB Scotland)

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