Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee supports all our engagement activities within the ornithological community and wider public.

Dr Tom Finch (RSPB Centre for Conservation Science)

Dr Ailidh Barnes (BTO)
Ondřej Belfín, Conference Support Officer (Germany)
Dr Aonghais Cook (BTO)
Dr Daniel Hayhow (Earthwatch)
Dr Katharine Keogan (HiDef Ariel Surveys)
Dr Nicola Largey (University of Highlands and Islands)
Dr Veronica Mendez (University of Westfjords, Iceland)
Dr Julie Miller (University of Glasgow)
Charlie Russell, Blog Editor (University of East Anglia)
Dr Elwyn Sharps (Natural Resources Wales)
Dr Saskia Wischnewski (RSPB Centre for Conservation Science)
Dr Natalia Zielonka, BOU Social Media Support Officer (University of East Anglia)
Dr Leila Walker, BOU Chief Operations Officer

Meet the members of our Engagement Committee

Equality and Diversity Working Group
Dr Graeme Buchanan (BOU President; Chair)
Dr Ailidh Barnes (Engagement Committee member; BTO)*
Dr Emma Cunningham (BOU Council member; Edinburgh University)
Dr Tom Finch (Chair, BOU Engagement Committee; RSPB Centre for Conservation Science)
Dr Daniel Hayhow (Engagement Committee member; Earthwatch)
Dr Leila Walker (Chief Operations Officer and Engagement Committee member)

Meet the members of our Equality and Diversity Working Group

Support Officers positions
Blog Editor: Charlie Russell (University of East Anglia, UK)
Conferences: Ondřej Belfín (Germany)
Journal Publicity: Dr Ashleigh Marshall (UK)
Social Media: Dr Natalia Zielonka (University of East Anglia, UK)