Rainbow blogs

Launched for Global Pride 2020 and Pride Month 2020, our Rainbow Blog series aims to bring the LGBTQIA+ initialism to life and educate our ornithological community about LGBTQIA+.

Pride in our community by Daniel Hayhow

Bringing LGBTQIA+ to life – T by anon

Letter to a young queer ornithologist by Jess McLaughlin

Being a better Ally by Steve Dudley

Fieldwork as a gay man in gay-illegal countries by Sascha Dueker

Are you willing to take a leap of faith? by Nicole Wood

I’ve found these Rainbow Blogs have deepened my sense of belonging by Leila Walker

This series highlight and celebrate diversity within the BOU by Ash Sandell-Price

Diversity blogs

We have now broadened the scope of the Rainbow Blog series to highlight all diversity issues within ornithology.

Introducing the #BOUdiversityBlog by Juliet Vickery

Make oour own luck by Nao Ota (太田菜央)

Biodiversity at risk: the migration of knowledge by Rubén Ortega-Álvarez

If you are interested in contributing to the BOU Diversity Blog, please get in touch with us via this form which ensures anonymity for those who seek it.

If you’re a LGBT ornithologist working in the field and want support, then contact the LGBTQ+ Field Network.

If you want to learn more about LGBTQIA+, then Stonewall is a great place to start.