Early Professional Award

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Nomination deadline: 30 September 2023

A new award from 2023, the BOU’s Early Professional Award is made annually for an outstanding initial contribution to the field of ornithology. This includes an outstanding contribution in one or more of the following categories:

I. Ornithological research

  • Research outputs (inclusive definition of scientific outputs including timely practical application of science to real-world issues, e.g. conservation, disease control/epidemiology, evidence-based policy, human wellbeing)
  • Fieldwork
  • Data collection/analysis
  • Reviewing and editing
  • Scientific conference presentations

II. Community activities

  • Practical contribution to the research community (e.g. scientific monitoring, management/curation of open-access datasets or github repositories)
  • Contribution to the organisation of conferences
  • Involvement with one or more community societies/organisations
  • Perpetuating and supporting networks / communities / Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

III. Capacity building and mentorship

  • Supervision (academic and pastoral, official and unofficial)
  • Teaching (informal and formal)
  • Training in practical techniques / provision of shadowing program opportunities
  • Establishing and fostering networks / communities / Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

IV. Science communication and engagement

  • Promoting the science of ornithology outside traditional professional ornithological settings to the wider ornithological community. This could include:
    • Use of social platforms to communicate their own or others’ research
    • Non-academic writing, e.g. blogs
    • Communicating their own or others’ research to non-academic ornithology audiences, e.g. bird clubs

To be eligible for the award, nominees should be within 10 years of their last degree, discounting career breaks and/or extended periods of absence. Nominees do not need to be BOU members.

Anyone can submit a nomination, although self-nominations are not accepted.

Nominate here

Nomination deadline: 30 September 2023

Art Prize

Early Professional Award recipients receive a silkscreen print of Zosia Frankowska’s Giant Ibis (shown above). Zosia won our open competition for establishing/amateur artists to produce a piece of ornithology-themed artwork.
Announcing art competition winner