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Last week was the BOU’s annual conference at the swanky new Gilbert Murray Conference Centre at the University of Leicester. The conference theme this year was ‘Ecosystem Services: do we need birds?’. Here’s some photos from the conference.

BOU Ecosystem Conference, April 2012

Delegates enjoying Sandra Anderson’s (University of Auckland, New Zealand) presentation ‘bird pollination and dispersal services to plants: interactions, losses and trophic cascades’. Sandra was one of 25 speakers at the conference, eight of whom where from overseas – a typically international spread for a BOU conference.

BOU Ecosystem Services conference, April 2012

The new media/work area at the back of the new conference hall. I think several peeps were just tweeting one another!

Andy Gosler

Andy Gosler (Edward Grey Institute, Oxford) presented a paper with his wife, Caroline Jackson-Houlston (Oxford Brookes University), ”A Nightingale by any other name?’: the significance of differences in scientific and vernacular bird names’ and was presented with the BOU’s Union Medal for services to the BOU and ornithology.

Each year we have a range of posters and encourage students working on the conference theme (or if we have room on wider ornithology) to present their work. At the end of the conference the organisers choose the ‘best student poster’.
Poster abstracts

Irina Herzon
Irina Herzon (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Vojtech Kubelka
Vojtech Kubelka (Charles University, Czech Republic)
Becky Laidlow
Becky Laidlaw (University of East Anglia)
Danielle Peruffo
Danielle Peruffo (University of East Anglia)
Melanie Orros
Melanie Orros (University of Reading)
Amy Romans
Amy Romans (University of East Anglia)
And the winner is . . . Becky Laidlaw! Here she receives a copy of Ethno-ornithology (kindly donated by Taylor & Francis) and £50 prize from BOU President, Jenny Gill (who happens to be Becky’s supervisor, but Jenny didn’t vote on the posters – honest!)

Beck Laidlaw, student winner, BOU 2012


Student workshop

Each year we hold a student event. This year the student delegation (nearly 40 strong) got to grill some of the greyer-haired, more experienced delegates about career choices in their sector, their own careers and even their own life choices (cheeky lot these students). Our thanks to David Stroud (JNCC), Richard Bradbury (RSPB), John Fanshawe (BirdLife), Helen Baker (JNCC), Peter Harris (A Rocha), Ian Bainbridge (SNH), Simon Butler (University of East Anglia) and Andy Clements (BTO) for entering in to the spirit of things for what was a very fun and educational workshop.