June 2019

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Genetic analysis reveals strong phylogeographic divergences within the Scarlet Macaw
Kari L Schmidt, Matthew L. Aardema, George Amato

Multiple species within the Striated Prinia‐Brown Prinia complex revealed through an integrative taxonomic approach
Per Alström, Pamela C. Rasmussen, George Sangster, Shashank Dalvi, Philip D. Round, Ruying Zhang, Cheng‐Te Yao, Martin Irestedt, Hung Le Manh, Fumin Lei, Urban Olsson

Southern Lapwing cooperative helpers at nests are older siblings
Ricardo A. S. Cerboncini, Talita V. Braga, James J. Roper, Fernando C. Passos

Evidence that Kenyan House Sparrows invaded from multiple sites
Aaron W. Schrey, Alexandria K. Ragsdale, Kyle L. Adams, Nicholas Ingebretsen, Jacob D. Lee, Bridget M. Frederick, Andrea L. Liebl, Lynn B. Martin

Wild fledgling tits do not mob in response to conspecific or heterospecific mobbing calls
Nora V. Carlson, Susan D. Healy, Christopher N. Templeton

Images from top
Scarlet Macaws: CC0 needpic.com
Prinia (polychroa) rocki: © Hung Le Manh (supplied by Per Alström)
Southern Lapwing: Mdf CC BY SA 3.0 Wikimedia Commons
House Sparrows: suju CC0 pixabay.com
Blue Tit: Oldiefan CC0 pixabay.com