Using science communication via social media to benefit your research and your career

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#TheTweetingBird was originally conceived as a single symposium for #AOSSCO17 by Auriel Fournier, Jordan Rutter and Nicole Wood.

Along with the BOU’s Steve Dudley, #TheTweetingBird team now wish to extend this to encourage anyone to participate in #TheTweetingBird project for any presentation or article, using any medium, that fits the brief of:

  • Using social media to communicate science in order to benefit your research and your career within ornithology and wider ecology;
  • Any medium can be used including journal articles, blog posts, webinars, Twitter presentations, seminars or conference symposia;
  • The title slide and or title page at least must carry the #TheTweetingBird tag;
  • Presentations must be communicated and/or promoted on social media using #TheTweetingBird tag;
  • Presentations must be made available free to view on a platform such as Figshare or a personal or institute website.

Presentations meeting this brief will be listed and linked to from this site.

Forthcoming events, presentations and publications

#TheTweetingBird | Recent presentations/publications

#TheTweetingBird: its rise relevance and impact in #ornithology
Steve Dudley’s IOCongress2018 poster (Vancouver, Canada)

Tweeting birds: online mentions predict future citations in ornithology |
Tom Finch, Nina O’Hanlon & Steve P. Dudley. 2017. DOI 10.1098/rsos.171371 R. Soc. Open Sci.

Altmetrics: what are they good for? Do altmetrics contribute to citation rates in ornithology? | Tom Finch, Nina O’Hanlon and Steve Dudley’s AOSSCO17 poster (Michigan, USA)

The use of social media in ornithology. Enrico Caprio and Steve Dudley’s CIO2017 poster (Turin, Italy)

#TheTweetingBird: its rise, relevance and impact in #ornithology
Steve Dudley’ Twitter presentation of conference presentation from #BOU2018 (Nottingham, UK)

#TheTweetingBird: its rise, relevance and impact in #ornithology
Steve Dudley’ Twitter presentation of webinar presentation for the #RCCPii eConservation series (South Africa) – expands on #BOU2018 presentation

#TheTweetingBird | #AOSSCO17 symposium

The goals of the #AOSSCO17 symposium were to educate researchers of all science communication (aka scicomm) experience levels which social media apps are available, how to use these apps, how to apply the use of these apps to benefit multiple facets of their research and careers, how to identify your audience and communicate effectively to them, and the benefits of using social media to promote your published research articles including driving your articles’ altmetrics.

The five presenters and presentations were:

Steve Dudley @stevedudley_ British Ornithologists’ Union (BOU), UK
Using #socialmedia to help drive your own research article’s @Altmetric Attention Score

Jordan Rutter @JERutter | American Ornithological Society (AOS) & Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre (SMBC), US
Using Social Media at Scientific Conferences; A Case Study of NAOC 2016

Jo Latimore @JoLatimore | Michigan State University, US
Telling Your Story: Tips for Developing Your #Scicomm Strategy

Auriel Fournier @RallidaeRule | Mississippi State University, US
#MORails #MOScience: Tweeting Live From The Field

Nicole Wood @WildlifeBioGal | Scicomm Monday, US
Interactive Scicomm Engagement with Live Streaming Apps

VIEW #TheTweetingBird presentations on Figshare
VIEW #TheTweetingBird symposium (Periscope)

Before #TheTweetingBird concept

Some of us have been promoting the use of social media for research for some years. Here are some items that would fall within #TheTweetingBird concept, and provide some examples of the different media that can be used for your #TheTweetingBird project.

Altmetrics: what are they good for?
Steve Dudley’s #AOSSCO17 poster pitch Periscope presentation

@WildlifeBioGal at #NAOC2016
All of Nicole Wood’s #NAOC2016 Periscope broadcasts (YouTube)

How social are ornithologists?
Steve Dudley’s #NAOC2016 poster pitch Periscope presentation (YouTube)

How social are ornithologists?
IBIS paper by Steve Dudley & Jen Smart

How social are ornithologists?
NAOC2016 poster by Steve Dudley & Jen Smart

The role of social media in ornithology
Presentations from the BOU’s and RSPB Science’s #EOU2015 workshop

#TheTweetingBird team

Auriel_400x400Auriel Fournier @RallidaeRule
Auriel is is a post doctoral research associate at Mississippi State University working on the Gulf of Mexico Avian Monitoring Network.

Jordan_400x400Jordan Rutter @JERutter
Jordan is is the web communications specialist for the American Ornithological Society (AOS) and the web communications fellow for the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre (SMBC).

Nicole_400x400Nicole Wood @WildlifeBioGal
Nicole is is the host of Scicomm Monday, a weekly live streaming broadcast that brings scientists and audiences together for an actively engaging experience.

Dudley picSteve Dudley @stevedudley_
Steve is the BOU’s Senior Administrator of 20 years, has overall responsibility for the day to day running of the BOU and all our activities including social media and communications.

Learn more about communicating your research using social media

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