Here’s a few photos from last weeks hugely successful BOU conference on the ecology and conservation of birds in upland and alpine habitats. All photos Hugh Wright.

1 Conference desk
The conference desk pre-registration – all set up and raring to go!

2 Conference welcome
Welcome to #BOU14 – the BOU upland and alpine birds conference

3 Conference posters
A busy poster room during a break from the lectures.

6 Conferences Gillings and Sim
The RSPB Centre for Conservation Science’s Innes Sim and BTO’s Simon Gillings talk bird atlas and uplands during a break.

4 Conference posters 2
The RSPB Centre for Conservation Science’s Daniel Hayhow discusses his Dotterel poster with the conference’s keynote speaker, University of British Columbia’s Kathy Martin.

Poster Brown
The RSPB’s Daniel Brown presenting his poster ‘Eurasian Curlew Recovery Programme’.

Poster Dunn
Jonathan Dunn (Newcastle University) presenting his poster ‘Guiding survey efforts for the critically endangered Himalayan Quail Ophyrsia superciliosa using environmental niche modelling and proxy species’.

Poster Eddowes
Mark Eddowes (Eddowes Aviation Safety Ltd) presenting his poster ‘Monitoring Lapwing Breeding Success in the South West Peak’.

Poster Francksen
Newcastle University’s Richard Francksen presenting his award-winning poster ‘Common buzzard Buteo buteo diet in relation to changes in vole abundance’

Poster Gillett
The RSPB’s Mike Gillett presenting his poster ‘Distribution of Whinchats on the Eastern Moors and association with habitat and other variables’.

Poster Harrison
A very happy Chris Harrison (Manchester Metropolitan University) with his poster ‘Small Wind Turbines (SWTs) and bird activity around the South Pennine Moors Special Protection Area’.

Poster Hayhow
The RSPB Centre for Conservation Science’s Daniel Hayhow presenting ‘Status of breeding Dotterel Charadrius morinellus in Britain 2011′.

7 Conference Gill at AGM
BOU President Jenny Gill talks about the BOU community and the role it plays in wider ornithology.

8 Conference ECR event 1
Jenny Gill (far left) introduces the ‘panel’ for this year Early-Career Research event – (excluding the bar staff against the back wall!), they are (from left) Phil Whitfield (Natural Research), Steve Dudley (BOU), James Pearce-Higgins (BTO), Shelley Hinsley (CEH), Jen Smart (RSPB Centre for Conservation Science – and hidden behind Shelley!) and Kathy Fletcher (GWCT).

9 Conference ECR event 2
The ECR event in full swing focusing on non-academic careers in NGOs, agencies, etc, and anything else the ECRs were brave enough to ask about!

Poster Hipkiss
Tim Hipkiss (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) presenting his poster ‘Habitat use and ranging behaviour of GPS tracked Golden Eagles in northern Sweden’.

Poster Perrin
Mike Perrin (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) and his poster ‘Ecology and conservation biology of the Cape Parrot Poicephalus robustus in afromontane forests of South Africa’.

Poster Sansom
Alex Sansom (RSPB Centre for Conservation Science) presenting ‘A case study of the impacts of wind farm construction on breeding Golden Plovers’ and below, her slide from the quick-fire poster oral session – received with much mirth 😉


Poster Scridel
Davide Scridel (RSPB Centre for Conservation Science) presenting ‘Associations between new native woodland creation and population change in Scottish black grouse Tetrao tetrix‘.

Poster Smidt
Ben Smit (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa) presenting his poster ‘Physiological tolerances of high temperatures in fynbos birds and implications for climate change’.

Poster Virat
Virat Jolli (Biodiversity & Environmental Sustainability (BEST), India) presenting his poster ‘Upland Villages Micro-Hotspots of Avian Biodiversity: a case study of Sainj Valley, Western Himalayas’.

Poster Wolfenden
Andrew Wolfenden (Manchester Metropolitan University) presenting his work ‘The influence of aviation noise on passerine vocalisation and ecology’.

11 Conference hall
And back in the hall we had a total of 31 presentations to keep us informed (see abstracts).

5 Conference ECRs
The future of the BOU and ornithology. BOU Early-Career Researchers (from left) Christina Ieronymidou (BirdLife International), Becky Laidlaw (University of East Anglia), Olivia Hicks (RSPB) and Cat Morrison (University of East Anglia).

10 Conference Twitter wall
Our conference @IBIS-journal Twitter wall catching just some of the many conference tweets using #BOU14.

A full review of the conference is currently being penned and will be published in the summer (via IBIS).

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