July 2019

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Evolution of avian egg shape: underlying mechanisms and the importance of taxonomic scale
Mary Caswell Stoddard, Catherine Sheard, Derya Akkaynak, Ee Hou Yong, L. Mahadevan, Joseph A. Tobias

A small, narrow‐beaked albatross from the Pliocene of New Zealand demonstrates a higher past diversity in the feeding ecology of the Diomedeidae
Gerald Mayr, Alan J. D. Tennyson

Yellow plumage colour of Great Tits correlates with changing temperature and precipitation
Miklós Laczi, Gergely Hegyi, Gergely Nagy, Rita Pongrácz, János Török

Images from top
Eggs: PD en.m.wikipedia.org
Albatross skulls: © Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
Great Tit: CC0 maxpixel.net