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Range wide migration corridors and non‐breeding areas of a northward expanding Afro‐Palaearctic migrant, the European Bee‐eater
Steffen Hahn, José A. Alves, Kiril Bäder, Joana S. Costa, Tamara Emmenegger, Martin Schulze, Peter Tamm, Pavel Zehtindjiev, Kiran L. Dhanjal‐Adams
Image: Dûrzan cîrano CC BY SA 3.0 fa.wikipedia.org

Carotenoid‐based colouration correlates with the hatching date of Blue Tit nestlings
Katarzyna Janas, Dorota Lutyk, Joanna Sudyka, Anna Dubiec, Lars Gustafsson, Mariusz Cichoń, Szymon Drobniak
Image: CC0 pixabay.com

Kea parrot mothers produce nest‐specific calls with low amplitude and high entropy
Amelia Wein, Raoul Schwing, Ludwig Huber
Image: CC0 pixabay.com

Acoustic activity across a seabird colony reflects patterns of within‐colony flight rather than nest density
Gavin E. Arneill, Emma Jane Critchley, Saskia Wischnewsk,i Mark J. Jessopp, John L. Quinn
Image: Matt Witt CC BY SA 3.0 Wikimedia Commons

Taxonomy of cryptic species in the Cyornis rubeculoides complex in the Indian subcontinent
Ashutosh Singh, Sandeep K. Gupta, Per Alström, Dhananjai Mohan, Daniel M. Hooper, Ramani S. Kumar, Dinesh Bhatt, Pratap Singh, Trevor D. Price
Image: Kosjy Koshy CC BY 2.0 Wikimedia Commons

Seasonal and diurnal patterns of population vocal activity in avian brood parasites
Sohyoen Yoo, Hae-Ni Kim, Jin-Won Lee, Jeong-Chil Yoo
Image: Vogelartinfo GFDL Wikimedia Commons

Landscape‐mediated variation in diet is associated with egg size and maculation in a generalist forager
Nina J O’Hanlon, Sarah Alonso, Julie A O Miller, Rona A R Mcgill, Ruedi G Nager
Image: © Mike Pennington CC BY SA 2.0 geograph.org.uk

Body temperature responses of Great Tits to handling in the cold
Fredrik Andreasson, Andreas Nord, Jan‐Åke Nilsson
Image: Bio Blitz CC BY 2.0 Flickr

Migration timing influences the responses of birds to food shortage at their refueling site
Mian‐Juan Ke, Peng He, He‐Bo Peng, Chi‐Yeung Choi, Shou‐Dong Zhang, David S. Melville, Zhijun Ma
Image: JJ Harrison CC BY SA 3.0 Wikimedia Commons

Community reorganization revealed by exploring shifts in the diet of an apex predator, the Golden Eagle, with stable isotopes and prey remains
Gary W. Roemer, Paul W. Collins
Image: Juan Lacruz CC CY 3.0 Wikimedia Commons