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Environmental impacts of high‐output driven shooting of Red Grouse Lagopus lagopus scotica
Patrick S. Thompson, David J. T. Douglas, David G. Hoccom, Jeff Knott, Staffan Roos, Jeremy D. Wilson

A decadal review of urban ornithology and a prospectus for the future
John M. Marzluff

Using super‐high resolution satellite imagery to census threatened albatrosses
Peter T. Freewill, Paul Scofield, Richard A. Phillips

How social are ornithologists?
Steve Dudley, Jennifer Smart

A review of survival estimates for raptors and owls
Ian Newton, Michael J. McGrady, Madan K. Oli

Image credits (from top)
Red Grouse | Alastair Rae | CC-BY-SA-2.0 | Wikimedia Commons
Albatross figure from paper| Wandering Albatross © R.A. Phillips
Tawny Owl | Joe Pell | CC-BY-2.0 | Wikimedia Commons