WELCOME to the BOU’s Desert Island Books. A series where BOU members and others tell us about their favourite ornithology and ecology books.
Neil Bucknell‘s (BOU member) View
Includes Nick Davies’ Cuckoo (Cheating by nature)

RSPB Centre for Conservation Science staff share their favourite titles View
Includes H G Alexander’s classic Seventy Years of Birdwatching

Peter Wilkinson‘s (BOU member) View
Includes Nick Davies’ Cuckoo (Cheating by nature)

Keith Betton‘s (BOU member) View
Includes Eric Hosking’s An Eye for a Bird

Tim Birkhead‘s (Sheffield University) View
Includes David Lack’s Swifts in the Tower

Debra Williams‘ (Words and Deeds) View
Includes Jennifer Ackerman’s The Genius of Birds

Rob Robinson‘s (British Trust for Ornithology) View
Includes Jonathan Weiner’s Beak of the Finch

Tell us about your desert island books!

We’d love to hear about the books you’d take with you to your desert island. Format exactly as above. So send us your eight books (if you don’t want to just include ornithology titles, then we’ll accept contributions containing six ornithology and two ecology/natural history titles). Provide title, author(s), publisher, year for each title; max. 50 words on each book; your three ‘other’ items (excluding your binoculars and people), a short biography (max. 100 words) and a head and shoulders photo of yourself. We’ll source the cover images. Email your contributions to the BOU Office.

We welcome contributions from anyone, those from BOU members will be considered for our member newsletter.