BOU logo

The new BOU logo

WELCOME! Its been a long time coming but the BOU now has a single site for all its web content.

We hope you like our new look, based on the fabulous Sacred Ibis artwork by Robert Gillmor which features on our journal Ibis. We’ve used both the ibis artwork itself and the colour scheme to build the BOU’s new logo, image and styles. This has already been rolled out on our social media platforms and other online and mobile content.

The site is still being worked on and we will continue to add content during the summer. If you spot any glitches please don’t keep them to yourself! We’d like to know and get them ironed out as quickly as possible. You can contact us at the top of the page.

You can also tell us what you want adding to the site. We’re already looking at adding a conference diary to catch all major ornithological events around the world. Do you want anything else? Let us know.