Godman Salvin Prize

The BOU’s Godman Salvin Prize is awarded to ornithologists who have made an outstanding contribution to ornithology

Prof Tim Birkhead FRS has had a long association with the BOU being the first society he joined as an underage in 1971, and to which his many sagging shelves of IBIS can attest.

His main research areas are post-copulatory sexual selection (mainly in birds), population biology of birds and the history of science, and of reproduction and ornithology in particular.

In 2009 Tim presented the BOU’s Alfred Newton Lecture on the life and work of Alfred Newton (the BOU’s principal founder) as part of the BOU’s 150th anniversary. In 2011 he was awarded a bursary from the BOU to research Alfred Newton’s contribution to ornithology. View IBIS paper.

A full citation for Tim will to appear in the July issue of IBIS.

Professor Tim Birkhead FRS is an Emeritus Fellow at the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology, University of Oxford.
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