Over several years I produced a series of articles which built into the BOU’s Twitter Masterclass series. And here they are!

Note: many of these articles were published when Twitter was restricted to 140 characters and did not use the ‘thread’ function.

1 – #hashtags and retweets
2 – stop using auto-generated tweets
3 – editing and structuring your tweets
4 – organise your incoming tweets
5 – content is everything
6 – #hashtag best practice
7 – using images – best practice
8 – conference tweeting (for delegates, presenters and organisers)
9 – Twitter basics 1: terminology
10 – Twitter basics 2: replying to tweets
11 – Twitter basics 3: replying to tweets
12 – Best practices
13 – Is your Twitter profile fit for purpose?
14 – Game changer! Twitter threads
15 – Tag it! Adding social media tags to your presentations

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